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Published on July 5th, 2013 | by pacificmedia


10 Worst Things With Jay Quinn

Worst board you’ve ever ridden? There have been a few over the years but none stick out in my mind more than others though. As soon as you figure out a board is bad, get rid of it and get it out of your mind.

Worst surf event you’ve ever surfed at? You get to go to some pretty horrendous ones on the tour. But I’d say either Virginia beach, or one year in Anglet France where the event got cancelled due to flat surf. Those ones really do your head in!

Worst wave ? Virginia beach, Virginia. Hands down. We might as well have been at an onshore lake.

Worst thing about traveling? Always living out of a suitcase and the variety in accommodation.

Worst thing about being a pro surfer? There isn’t a lot wrong from being a pro surfer, really. The system in which we are suppose to be governed by is all wrong.  I mean, in the last 4 years the system has not been the same, or fair, each year. In the original system or even the last system, there would have been 2 kiwis boys on tour including myself. ASP really need to sort their shit out.

Worst Beer? German fruity brews are the worst. Gisborne green is good.

Worst band (music)? Turn on the tv now days and almost every one of them is bad. What happened to the instrument.

Worst thing about being Maz’s brother? Really? This is a question? Haha ok, probably the age difference.

Worst thing about living in Aus? New Zealand is too far away!

Worst thing about being married to a Home and Away star? Well, she got on part time. Hopefully Ash gets invited on so she is full time. Then we’ll have this conversation. Someone needs to start a Facebook page, bring back Miranda! Hahaha



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