Published on October 31st, 2013 | by pacificmedia

Anastasia Ashley marketing genius or exploitation

Anastasia Ashley’s butt is a marketing genius. Or whoever is in control of her butt, anyways. A puppet-master’s dream, I imagine.

Recently, Anastasia released a short video of her butt with some surfing at the end. Kudos, this time anyways, to her for getting some surfing in there. Here’s the truth: butts make people watch (as if you didn’t just click on that). I’m not advocating it. I’m just stating the obvious. Whether it’s because they love butts or they hate that people love butts, butts make people watch – especially when they’re wiggling all over the place with a bikini jammed up there like a string on a pot roast.

Take the above video, for example. It’s a butt and a turn. A great butt (sorry, butt-lover haters!) followed by a pretty average turn. No one would watch this just for the turn, but thousands will watch for the butt preceding the turn. Whether they’re watching with veins bursting in anger or pants bursting in lust, they’re watching.

segment from

Alexnder Haro

The Inertia


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