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Published on August 7th, 2015 | by pacificmedia


Be ready for that next big swell by protecting your hands

You know the feeling well, the pain caused from years of abusing your hands while shredding. The cracking, splitting, dryness, and sometimes, even bleeding that has resulted from waxing and carrying your board. The discomfort is worsened by constantly exposing your hands to the unforgiving elements. Let’s be serious, Winter is an especially difficult period. You surf through the good times and the bad times. Yet, your hands only know the bad times. They’re in dire need of repair and protection. You’ve neglected the hands for years, never giving any real thought to improving their condition because the abuse to your hands is just what happens. Surfing takes a toll on the whole body, so why not also your hands. But you’ve always worked to protect the rest of your body. Without thought, you wear sunscreen or a wetsuit. You can easily be convinced to eat better, get more sleep, and pump a little iron in order to improve your skill and increase stamina. So, why not take care of the part of your body that makes setting up for that epic swell possible. And we all know there’s nothing quite like dragging your fingers across the face of a wave.

The hand stuff, an all-natural balm designed to heal dry, cracked, chapped, and generally neglected hands, is made with wholesome ingredients (shea butter, coconut oil, vitamin E, sunflower oil, and lanolin) that leaves a minimal impact on the environment but has a huge impact on the durability and comfort of your hands. Comfort should always be a priority, too. If you’re uncomfortable it’s hard to focus on catching the next wave. You’re distracted and unprepared. By beginning a regiment of the hand stuff you’ll never be unprepared or uncomfortable. Use it after you wash your hands, after you bathe, after your post-session rinse, and anytime you’re feeling a little on the dry or painful side. Additionally, the size of the 2 oz. jar allows you to carry it with you no matter where you go. It fits perfectly in your desk drawer, your workshop cabinet, glove compartment, or bag.

You may be thinking that moisturizing isn’t really your thing and your hands aren’t that bad. Again, let’s be clear, it should be your thing, and your hands really are that bad. If you need a reminder of why you should take care of yourself, just think about how much your hands suffer on a daily basis (cracking, splitting, etc.), not to mention during the cold and dry Winter months. All that cracking and dryness is absolutely unattractive. So, do yourself a solid and invest in some hand stuff. You won’t be the only one enjoying it.

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