Matuse Wetsuits

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Matuse Wetsuits

  Rider Quote:   “I’ve been using Matuse wetsuits for several years now and compared to any other wetsuit I’ve used I could literally put ...


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Vissla Wetsuits

Rider Quote:   Vissla suits have been epic suits from the very start and every year they keep improving them. Super flexible and super warm ...

Rip Curl

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Rip Curl Wetsuits

  Rider Quote:   “From their 1.5mm summer vests to their 5/4mm middle of the winter full suits. You cannot buy better quality, for fitting, ...


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O’Neill Wetsuits 2019

Rider comment: “O’Neill’s wetsuit technology blows me away every season, with their light-weight feeling and freedom along with the comfort of staying warm year round. ...


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XCEL wetsuits

Rider quote:   “Xcel suits are the best I’ve worn. Lightweight, comfortable and my favourite part is the fit and flexibility, smart fibre 4-way stretch. ...



Quiksilver Wetsuits 2019

    Rider Quote: “What I like most about the Quiksilver wetsuits is that they’re super comfortable and stretchy whether it’s a thick 5m steamer ...

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