5 Min With Hayden Cox

Hayden Cox is widely regarded as one of the most forward thinking surfboard shapers today. He started shaping at 15 years old and has gone on to claim worldwide recognition for the innovative surfboard construction Futureflex and modern designs, such as the Hypto Krypto. We caught up with Hayden to chat about how he ties together all the elements of being a modern day surfer/shaper…

Whats your shaping philosophy?

I like the unique design of both shapes and materials, and to develop performance surfboard for not only the elite surfer, but the everyday surfer. It is all about being inspired with your surfing.

What inspires you in your shaping life?

Surfing the boards I design and make inspires me first and foremost. It triggers ideas and thoughts around designing boards and how they feel under my feet. I try to relate different feelings to a range of different types of surfers so that my designs can translate to the wider audience.

What are your most popular models?

The Hypto Krypto, Shred Sled, Merlot, The Ando and lastly, the Love Buzz our latest addition. 

What is unique about the boards you shape?

Haydenshapes is known for its innovation among the shaping market place. Implementing functional performance enhancing features such as side cuts, displacement hulls, PE (Polyurethane Core – Epoxy Laminate) and also FutureFlex technology, a construction that I designed and patented. That excites me as a shaper. I’m very particular about using only the best and most premium materials – a lot of which I had exclusively made to my specification for Haydenshapes.

Are there any new technologies that you are integrating into your shapes?

I recently released a new PE lamination exclusive to Haydenshapes with a custom fiberglass fabric woven on a unique fiber direction to stiffen the board up longitudinally and improve the speed of the torsional flex response (twist). This means that the board has a lighter lamination than polyester, a longer lifespan of the laminate flex and responds more rapidly to flex throughout turns. It also keeps your board feeling like a new board for longer, which ain’t a bad thing. 

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