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“I’ve gone to Andy Jordan to shape my boards ever since my first custom when I was 12. He’s seen my surfing progress through the years and always seems to know what sort of board will suit my surfing. That’s why I trust him so much with shaping my boards and I haven’t turned to anyone else. Growing up in the Mount I was always surfing pretty fat and small waves and Andy always delivered the perfect boards for me that would keep up speed when the waves were lacking energy. Now that I’ve moved to the Waikato and surf on the West, where the waves are bigger and have way more energy in comparison, I’ve found that my boards have heaps of drive and allow my surfing to be explosive. I’ve also used Andy’s boards throughout the world in numerous different breaks and conditions, so overall I find them super versatile.”- Raiha Ensor 2018 NZ National Women’s Champion, NZ Team member.


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Alex Dive team Jordan

“I’ve known Gromo and ridden his boards for over 10 years now, so we have a really good surfer-shaper relationship. Gromo is literally the nicest guy around and a legend in the NZ surfing industry. His knowledge in shaping is second to none and having worked with him closely over all those years he knows what will work and what won’t, so I have a huge amount of trust and confidence in him. He’s also the kind of guy that will tell you if he thinks something needs to be changed, which you appreciate as a surfer. I’m currently riding the LS16 5’10” which is a great all-rounder for Mount conditions! Cheers Gromo.” – Alex dive

 2018 National Open Women’s Champion Raiha Ensor loving her Jordan Shapes. Photo: Cory

Alex Dive has been on Grommo’s shapes since he learnt to walk on waves. Locked in at the local Jordan testing lab. Photo: Cory

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