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Published on November 3rd, 2015 | by pacificmedia


Maz Quinn Talks Indo Quivers.

Maz Quinn has just returned home from a couple of months at the Wavepark Mentawai Resort in Indonesia and shares with us his views on the perfect Indo quiver.


Trying to decide on the right boards to take when you go away on your winter escape to the tropics can be quite a hard and complicated decision. With all the swell charts these days it can make that choice a lot easier specially if your going for a week or so but if your going for longer there can be lots of variables. With all the board changes in the last five to ten years to smaller equipment the days of packing half your board bag with 7’0″- 7’6″s and the sorts are long gone. I can remember my early days on the WQS I would have at least a 6’6″ or 6’8″ in my bag.

My last trip to the Mentawai’s was on boat in 2007 I think. That was the start of the shorter board era and my biggest board was a 6’4″. Which I rode on the last day because I snapped all my shorter boards (In one session at HT’s same day). What I learned on that trip was that for me I didn’t need that length of board in perfect waves. It was easier to ride shorter boards once you catch the waves and because the waves are so perfect in Indo you can catch bigger waves easier. They feel way better in the barrel and you can weave inside a heaving pit. Easier to turn and get out of awkward situations. They don’t catch rails in the tube or out on the face by having too much length. If they started feeling a bit slidey just put bigger fins in.

One of the problems I do see out here and at home because of the shorter board phenom, is guys going short which is fine but once you go shorter you have to think about all the foam your losing, so to compensate you have to add more thickness and width. I not always believed this, but now I say foam is your friend, embrace it. The more foam the easier it is to catch waves. The wider it is the more stability you’ll have. With the new volume measurement it makes life so much easier to work out how much foam you should have under your chest.

Now my boards I’ve taken away to the Indo have all been 6’2″ and under with most being 6’0″ with different tails. Mainly rounded pins and rounded squares. This trip my quiver of SuperBrands are the following,

5’11″ x 19 1/4″ – 28L –  Pigdog model – Rounded pin
6’0″ x 19″ – 28L –  Answer model – Rounded square
6’0″ x 19″ – 28L –  Burnside model – Rounded pin
6’0″ x 19″ – 28L – Answer model – Rounded pin
6’2″ x 18 3/4″ – 28L – Answer model – Rounded pin

The owner of Wavepark Mentawai Christie Carter had a unusual system one year out here on what board to ride. In a rack of nine boards he numbered them one to nine put the numbers in a hat along two bits of paper with a star and one blank. Every session he picked out of the hat a number, whatever it was he had to ride that board no matter how big or small it was. The two stars meant he could chose which board and the blank paper was a staff member could choose for him…..One session at eight foot Bank Vaults on a longboard was one to remember.

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