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Published on June 13th, 2019 | by nowhere man


Mentawai Surf Retreat


Kiwi owned and Kiwi operated. The Mentawai Surf Retreat  was recently  voted us as the number one resort to go to upon winning the TripAdvisor Traveller’s Choice award


We’ve hosted both current World Championship Tour surfer, Ricardo Christie and Kiwi World Junior Champion, Ella Williams…we’d love to host you too!

Mentawai Surf Retreat is nestled on 20 acres of beach front land on Nyang Nyang Island in the Northern Mentawai region. This region is known as the “Playgrounds” area, and the name says it all. The Mentawai Islands are Mother Nature’s gift to the surfing world.

The retreat has several world class waves within walking distance and over twenty epic breaks just a short boat ride away. There’s access to a large variety of waves for all surfing levels; from mellow, peeling reef breaks to some of the heaviest barrels on the planet.

With a beach front, Northwest facing Restaurant and Bar nestled in the shade, private hillside bungalows set amongst coconut palms and tropical gardens, the outlook over Burger World and Siberut Island creates breath-taking sunsets that make this the best setting in the Mentawais.


Packages are sold in 3 to 10 night trips, there’s private beach front bungalows serviced daily. Surf guides included. Daily onsite staff are always available. As are fresh towels. Rooms come with an ensuite bathroom and there’s security storage too. Also included; large balcony with beachfront view, breakfast, lunch and dinner and coffee/tea.

Two daily surf trips as well as recreational boat trips with a guide – you can experience snorkelling, fishing and village excursions. Other amenities include; WIFI internet, big screen TV, games, table tennis, frisbee golf, SUP, bar and lounge, laundry and hiking.



Solo surfers: US$ 210/night.

group of 4-6: US$ 200/night.

group of 7-9: US$ 195/night.

group of 10-12: US$ 185/night.




Location: 30 feet away… in the front yard! This right-hand break is right in front of the Mentawai Surf Retreat. You can watch the break from the balcony of each bungalow and from the restaurant/bar. Pitstops is a fun right-hander that breaks off a reef and runs onto sand. The wave offers a fast and hollow tubing take-off, followed by a great rippable wall. This is a great wave for speed, barrels, and aerials. Pitstops is an excellent way to ease into the Mentawai experience, working in all tides and in small conditions; it is one of the most consistent breaks in the area. When most other spots are blown-out, you can count on Pitstops. Sit back and enjoy from your bungalow or the bar… or grab your board and get out there.




Location: 4 Minute Paddle – Just around the point. E-Bay can be accessed from the resort, you can walk or paddle over. It is an outstanding wave, a dreamy, hollow left-hander that breaks best between waist high to double or even triple overhead. E-Bay is often compared to the fabled Padang Padang in Bali but has a gnarly end section known as “Greedys” which adds to the challenge. The main tube section is located straight out from two large boulders which adds to the intimidating factor of the wave. It can be enjoyed at waist to head high but is best on a big swell. The bigger it gets the hollower it gets, and the heavier it gets. Regarded as fickle, but when it’s on, it’s one of the best waves around.




Location: 25 Min Boat Ride. A mind-blowing right that looks just like the cartoons you drew on your old school books. One of the best waves on the planet. Rifles holds size and breaks mechanically long, hollow, and fast. Conditions need to be just right, Rifles needs a swell with a distinct south in it and winds with some west. Surfers have been known to log over 6 barrels on one wave at Rifles, and many say if you score an epic day here it could truly be the best session of your life. The reef prefers some good water coverage and breaks with some ferocity when bigger. Rifles is for the skilled but can still be enjoyed in chest-high conditions. Surfers dream of scoring this spot and come to the Mentawai Islands in hopes of catching a moment here. Bottom line: Rifles fires and you’re the bullet.






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