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Published on March 18th, 2013 | by pacificmedia



For anyone that is confused about how to win PEOPLES CHOICE Competition,  here’s the break down for you.

Peoples Choice award will be run around the Rip Curl Pro Raglan 2013 event and be awarded to the person that pulls the craziest move of the event as decided by the people.

This move could have been pulled off during a heat, after the siren or even during a free surf session. it could of happened in the water or it could of happened out the water its all up to you to decide. The only rule is it had to have happened at the Rip Curl Raglan Pro 2013.

So if you thought Maz’s 10 point ride was epic or Tane Wallis’s after the siren boost was insane or Cozza towing that car out the mud so we could all finally get home deserves a ticket to hawaii courtesy of Hawaiian Airlines then comment on one of the Peoples Choice features, on who you think should win and we will count that as a vote!

All evidence of said move will be excepted, be it photo or video clip evidence shot by you or your mates, if you think it will help you win then send it through to dustin@pacificmedia.co.nz or post it on our facebook page at www.facebook.com/nzsurfingmagazine.



  1. chris f says:

    Tane s air ,massive

  2. Linda Forsman says:

    Definately Matt Hewitt…!!!!

  3. big l says:

    Timmy O for the trip chur to him

  4. george says:

    tane’s air is sick

  5. Vivienne says:

    Proud by association, Tane’s my lovely neighbour/babysitter as well as an awesome surfer! Go Tane!

  6. Sean says:

    Tane’s air rocks the pants off spongebob

  7. Lily says:

    Tane Wallis siiiick

  8. Travis Beazley says:

    Tane shall win

  9. Aro says:

    one vote for Tane. nice air boss

  10. Ashlee says:

    Tane wallis !!

  11. shaun says:

    Tane Wallis was siiick!

  12. ruby meade says:

    Yeeew tane sick!

  13. Lorenzo says:

    Shot Tane , you’re up up there bro!

  14. Evy Pebriyani says:

    Tane Wallis!!!

  15. Jo Kalchik says:

    Tane Wallis is the best Surfer in the entire world…woooorrrrdddd!

  16. Lisa says:

    Tane Wallis for Hawaii! He’ll rock it! :)

  17. Mac says:

    Tane Wallis all the way, sick skills

  18. Dan says:

    Tanes air

  19. Odin says:

    Tanes wallis air

  20. Shena says:

    Tane Wallis = legond

  21. Maiya says:

    Tane Wallis yo

  22. Leigh Childs says:

    Tane’s big air is amazing!

  23. Annie says:

    wwooo Tane’s air!

  24. Andy says:

    Tane’s air is amazing! wow!

  25. Jill says:

    Tane!!! 143

  26. angela says:

    Tannnnnneeeee!!!! Oh my god!!! woowww

  27. Michel says:

    Tane- awesome brah

  28. Lee says:

    Tane’s air is sickkk

  29. Anouska says:

    Tane Wallis!!! :)

  30. kyle williams says:

    tanes air! ridonkulous!

  31. Chris says:

    Great Shot! Tane!!!! Cheers!!!

  32. Cherie says:

    Tane should win!

  33. Dannei says:

    Tane Wallis!!

  34. Freya Camplin says:

    Defs Tane Wallis :)

  35. Ben says:

    Tane Wallis! That air reverse was insane. !!

  36. Sam Prendergast says:

    Tane Wallis for sure! :)

  37. Jess says:

    Tane Wallis!!!!!!!

  38. Jess says:

    Tane Wallis!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Ale G says:

    Definately Tane Wallis!

  40. chun says:

    Tane’s air!

  41. Georgia says:

    tane wallis!! Woohoo x

  42. Litia says:

    Tane Wallis :-)

  43. Daisy says:

    TANE for the win!!!

  44. doug says:

    Tane’s air

  45. Tane Wallis – Way to go!!

  46. Sarah says:

    TANE WALLIS. the man!

  47. ethan says:

    Tanes air was sweet

  48. Ryan says:

    Tanes punt

  49. Saul says:

    Tane’s air

  50. Vivien says:

    tane is the best ;)

  51. Miguel says:

    Tana Wallis!!!

  52. Miguel says:

    Tane Wallis

  53. Miguel says:

    Tane Wallis!!!!

  54. Donald says:

    Tane wins with his aerobatics

  55. tobester says:

    Awesome air shot, Tane. Top buzz!!

  56. Kim says:

    Tane for sure!

  57. Colin and Ria says:

    Tanes air is ham!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Stefanie Rockwell says:

    Tane Wallis should win this! Amazing pic!

  59. Lee says:

    Tane Wallis!

  60. Ben says:

    Tane’s fully sick

  61. Jai says:

    Tane for Hawaii

  62. Cherie says:

    Tane boosting to Hawaii

  63. jo says:

    Tanes air

  64. bruce says:

    Tanes air

  65. kim lynch says:

    Tane Wallis

  66. hannah lynch says:


  67. jazmine lynch says:

    Tane Wallis

  68. grant lynch says:

    Tane Wallis

  69. gage says:

    tanes air was sick. send him over!

  70. gene says:


  71. Mitch says:

    Tane chur

  72. Jocelyn Papa says:

    Tane Wallis to win. Cheers

  73. Kirsty says:

    Tane :)

  74. Milly says:

    Tane Wallis :)

  75. Chris says:

    Yeah Tane Wallis ripping!!

  76. Chris Zaffis says:

    Tane Wallis ripping bro!!

  77. sharna says:

    tane wallis

  78. jc susan says:

    Tane Wallis air rev.

  79. Joe Leeper says:

    Jc Susans for the win because all the bitches love his penis

  80. corey says:

    Tane wallis air.

  81. mark says:

    JC Backside MAdness

  82. Tane says:

    Gotta back the Tane guy

  83. james says:

    JC backside reo yeooowww

  84. Matt Knight says:


  85. Glenn Thomas says:

    Tane is a master and gets my vote.

  86. Athena says:

    Tane all day all day!!

  87. Christine says:

    Tane Wallis!

  88. Eva says:

    Tane has my vote

  89. Lisa says:

    Tane is going to Hawaii

  90. kieran says:

    JC susan scarfie reo

  91. Matt says:

    Lets go Tane!

  92. Linda says:

    Tane for Gold!

  93. Gerrard says:

    Tane all the way!

  94. Liam says:

    vote fot Tane!

  95. Jacob says:

    Tane Wallis all the way!

  96. Jacob Corbett says:

    Tane Wallis, for the win

  97. Josh Manuatu says:

    Tane Wallis pulls some huge air, makes you wanna surf

  98. Matty says:

    Yeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Tane!!!!

  99. Mathilda says:

    Tane all the way!

  100. Alice Lagas says:


  101. Mathilda says:


  102. Aryan Lobie says:

    ssiiiick that has got to be at least 2 meters of air, tane wallis all the wayyy!

  103. Chase says:

    Tane wallis, his air was sick!

  104. candida hill says:

    Great surfer.

  105. Tom says:

    tane for sure

  106. Sue Redknap says:

    I vote for Tane

  107. Lucy Southwell says:

    Tane gets my vote.

  108. Rachael says:

    Tane wallis!!!!!

  109. Kes says:

    Tane rocks

  110. Evy Pebriyani says:

    Tane Wallis air is sick!!!!!

  111. Michael Matthew says:

    Tane looks in control on that air,what a good effort!

  112. JP Smit says:

    Tane’s air for sure

  113. gav says:

    Tane. so big and cleanly landed!

  114. Remy Smit says:

    tane’s air=epic

  115. sheldon redman says:

    Tane …world class aerial!!!

  116. Mike Armour says:

    go Tane, great aerial!

  117. Matty says:

    Fuck Tane Wallis

  118. Jacki says:

    Tane you are the man!!! Looking awesome!

  119. Joanne says:

    Tane Wallis… is on his way to the U.S.! (Auntie Jo is on your side all the way kiddo!)

  120. Lloyd says:

    Tane Wallis

  121. Tane remember B4 the Buzzer – B4 – but good move man….

  122. Pam Unkovich says:

    No idea what that move is but according to Neil its a good turn and I’m voting because I’m a gullible female who has no ability to hold her own opinion or thought and who is going back to the kitchen and washing machine where I’m comfortable – for those of you who don’t know me this is irony – no not ironing I R O N Y…good luck hope you get to Hawaii Tane

  123. Mike says:

    Tane wallis

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