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Pita Pit NZ – The healthier choice for NZ Surfers on the road, proud sponsors of the “NZ Surfing magazine Roady’s” since 2014.


Pita Pit is a rapidly expanding, healthy, quick service restaurant franchise that was founded in Canada in 1995 by John Sotiriadis and Nelson Lang with the goal of offering quality, healthy, fresh food – fast! With a friendly, informal atmosphere and a varied and tasty menu the idea caught on. In 1997, realising they had started a new trend, John and Nelson set out on a journey that would see them opening many restaurants across Canada and the USA.

During his time overseas, Kiwi Chris Henderson became a regular customer at his local Pita Pit in Mammoth, California where he was working as a ski instructor. He gained such a passion for it that he decided to visit the Head Office in Ontario. Together with his friend and business partner, Duane Dalton, they backed themselves that Kiwis and Aussies would share the same enthusiasm and embrace the fresh, healthy idea and so signed up and began development to bring Pita Pit back downunder with them. They invite you to see and taste for yourselves why Pita Pit has become so popular.

Healthy Food

With the move toward low carbohydrate and fat-reduced diets, sandwich bread, pizzas and burgers are losing their popularity. While the pita shell is light and tasty, it is not the meal, but simply the delivery mechanism. Inside the shell are all the fresh vegetables and low-fat protein you’re looking for. Pita Pit is the new link in the health-food evolutionary chain: we are beyond burgers, fries, pizzas, and donuts.


At Pita Pit each pita is made to order so you can have what you want in your meal and it’s so quick you don’t even get an order number! Pita Pits are open late (many until 3 am on evenings when demand prevails) so even after a night out you’ll still have a healthy option available.


We use the freshest and best quality ingredients. You’ll see real meat put on the grill. The taste of grilled meat is like nothing else with the aroma building anticipation for your meal.


Pita Pit International has invested heavily in establishing a unique and attractive brand and the innovative way our pitas are rolled makes for a diff­erent and exciting eating experience.

Customer Service

We take enormous pride in off­erring you the best possible experience and pride ourselves on the level of service we off­er. Our team are neatly dressed in uniform and are trained to provide you with the best pita experience.


Pita Pit is a fun place to be. Meat sizzling on the grill, fresh colours, lighting, and décor make it a comfortable place to sit, eat a pita and read the paper or talk with friends. Pita Pit o­ffers a special atmosphere and experience you’ll want to come back to.

Menu, Store locations and Franchise details found here : www.pitapit.co.nz

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