Rubio Plantation Retreat is situated on the beach front of a working cocoa and coconut plantation that makes organic chocolate and virgin coconut oil. It is a small family run operation. Each bungalow sits directly on the beach front with a view of the surf from the verandah.


Rubio sits at the base of a 1200mtr lime stone mountain with a plateau on top. The rain filters down through the lime stone and comes out all along the coast as springs. These springs have 2 great benefits for surfing in this region. First is they create gaps in the reef. This is what creates most of our surf spots in this region. Second , they are really nice to cool off in after a surf.


We operate in a 140km stretch of coast. A lot of the coast is not visible from the road and requires a bit of walking to access it. We have only explored a portion of it and are still finding new breaks every year. This year we found 2 nice lefts.


The breaks we surf the most often are Rubio, Bulu, Slipperies, Kanons, Kurlies and Loggers. These are all within about 20km of Rubio. Rubio is straight out front. You have a perfect view of it as you are sitting in the dining area. It has rights and lefts of a single peak. The reef is fairly mellow due to the fresh water spring running across it. It can deliver some really good barrels and some good sections to hit. It is a really fun wave. Bulu is a right that barrels and races down the reef. It is a more serious wave than Rubio. It also has a spring and flat reef but you do end up on the reef so booties are recommended. Slipperies is a mellow but very fun left. It breaks in deeper water than most of our waves and can handle a lot of swell. It has a large spring making for very mellow reef and a beautiful fresh water swimming hole at the beach. Kanons is our slab. It is my favourite when it is on but it is a bit fickle. It barrels both ways around a little offshore reef. Kurlies is our swell magnet. It is normally 1 1/2 to 2 times bigger than anywhere else. It is mostly lefts with a few rights. It is a double up peak with some good barrels. Loggers has lefts and rights breaking on 2 sides of a big channel. The right is a very short but very hollow wave. Just take off behind the peak and back door it. The left is a longer wave. You can get 5 or 6 good turns in on some waves. other waves barrel and race. There are lots of other waves around as well we just don’t normally get past these.

There are other places around PNG with great surf as well. Kavieng, Lavongai, Manus, Madang, Vanimo and many other places have great surf. There are a few good surf camps and one charter boat.  Nusa Island Retreat, Tupira Surf Club and Vanimo Surf Lodge all cater to surfers and have great surf. The PNG Explorer is the only surf charter boat in PNG and is another great option.

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