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Published on October 24th, 2013 | by pacificmedia


Privatization of waves

Save Thamburudhoo – nobody owns the ocean!
It may be a dream come true for every passionate surfer: A private world-class wave, in the middle of a tropical, turquoise ocean. This is now becoming a reality in the Maldives. An island named Thamburudhoo is going to be privatized. A Singapore-based American investor will build a private luxury surf resort and deny free access to the waves thereafter. Only his hotel guests will be allowed to surf the island’s legendary waves known as ‘Honkey’s’ and ‘Sultan’s’.
This might sound ideal to you, but hold on a second: What if it means that you won’t be able to surf exactly those waves anymore? If you can’t afford to pay between US$500-1,000 per person per night, maybe even more, then ‘Honkey’s’ and ‘Sultan’s’ will become waves you’ll never have a chance to surf.
And there is an even higher negative impact of privatization than one would initially imagine: surfers will be limited to the other public surf breaks, which will remain too overcrowded to enjoy. The local surf industry will suffer badly as there will be no more real choice of waves to bring their guests to. Last but certainly not least, this area was very popular among the Maldivian local surfers who then will be virtually kept out. A lost paradise that thousands of surfers had enjoyed so far!

World-class waves are a limited resource, and there is a tendency that wealthy investors are privatizing those. We at LUEX say ‘No! Stop privatization of the ocean!’. Waves should be available for everybody – not only for the rich!
– Tim Heising, Founder of LUEX Surf Travel.
What can you do?
Please support us to generate awareness. Spread the story through your networks, online and offline! ‘Like’ the ‘Save Thamburudhoo’ protest on Facebook, and stay tuned!

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