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Seasons Surfboards


Seasons Surfboards:

Shape/glass/sand/finish your own surfboard!

Join master shaper BJ Smith from Seasons Surfboards as he walks you through your ultimate custom shape.

From design, to shaping, to finishing, to surfing at the front yard surf break. Have the experience of a life time upskilling yourself on all aspects of surfboard design and construction.

Choose to do the whole job from start to finish or just the shaping or the glassing or the sanding finishing.

Minimum three days is required, or add extra days for a more leisurely time with time to surf the Taranaki Coast.

Accommodation options available on site at our new ocean front three bedroom holiday house or modern self-contained caravan or private room Bed And Breakfast.

Phone BJ on 021732766


One of these legendary Clark Foam Blanks could be your very next board.

Dan Lythgow takes his first cuts of his first board under the guidance of Master Shaper BJ.

Having shaped his blank, Dan now gets stuck into the process of glassing his own board.

The final product! 50+ years of experience passed on to Dan resulting in shaping, glassing and sanding his own board.

“Earlier this year I created my own Surfboard with BJ from Seasons Surfboards Taranaki.

Before doing this experience, I had knowledge of different board models but no real understanding on how they affected your own surfing ability or wave types. We went through the processes of Designing, shaping, glassing and sanding which was very educational, especially with BJ’s knowledge from his years of shaping.

Upon completion I have a board suited for our daily waves and designed personally by myself with BJ’s professional guidance.” – Dan Lythgow :Stoked client.

The Seasons headquarters under a full moon, which just so happens to overlook their very own personal break out front.

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