New Zealand Surfing Issue 160

The latest NZ Surf Mag November/December is out and packed with literary and visual goodness to make any surfers mouth water and create amp to get out there and enjoy a few waves.

On the COVER sits Mt Maunganui’s Tim O’Connor slotted at the mystical Lagundri Bay at Nias during his well timed Indo late season sojourn where he scored bigger than big time. More can be seen of this trip in the feature DEEPER MEANING where we take a look at what Indo means to our travelling surfers, after all since the discovery of Bali in the 70′s kiwi surfers have been at the forefront of Indo discovery and travel, the place sits deep in our hearts and not simply for the waves it offers.

We feature an in depth analysis guide THE BREAKdown, on how to surf some of our most popular breaks by the key locals that ride them the most. With summer fast approaching and crowds swelling with new faces becoming involved in surfing, this guide will put you on the right track toward surfing these places, with the ins and outs and etiquette required locally.

A huge swell is ridden the old fashioned way, by paddle! And we feature Craig Jenkins and Maz Quinn taking on this beast, in GUN SLINGERS.

When the whole worlds focus was on those couple of massive days at Teahupoo for the Billabong Pro, only days before as the swell heading north from the Southern Ocean several spots along the NZ coastline, awoke from hibernation in this clean huge long period swell and we scored a certain spot that sits dear to the hearts of local surfers in a spread titled THE INSIDE JOB.

And rounding out the main features in style, we are proud to announce that PITA PIT have come on board to sponsor the legendary NZ Surf Roady. With over 65 stores nationwide, Pita Pit offer us a “Healthier Choice” when it comes to eating on the run, and there couldn’t be a more perfect fit to fuel the engines of the surf mad roady attendants after hours of paddling. This inaugural PITA PIT ROADY kicked off in the eye of a raging storm in Taranaki, a unique combination of weather features that spawned some epic tubes, before being blown out to sea. The following day dawned bluebird and with a new swell we found ourselves enjoying the fruits of Surf Highway 45, what a way to christen our new roady! Thanks Pita Pit..

Also in this issue:

X-Pat Files: With Adam ‘Kernal’ Klink

The GoPro Shot Bro

Rising Grom: Daniel Farr

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