Santa has come early for NZ surfers in the form of the latest NZ Surfing Mag. Not only have we slaved away behind the scenes to bring you this publication in time for some holiday inspiration, we also had a word to Hughey and Tangaroa and organised some much needed surf for both coasts.



On the COVER sits the country’s most amped surfer in Steve Roberts, after 30+ years of surfing Steve finally graces the number one page and we are proud to feature such a great ambassador of our sport. Merry Xmas mate!

It has been a long time since we used the old STOP PRESS and for most media in NZ who followed the World Tour qualification journey of Richard Christie it simply came down to sitting on the fence waiting for results at Pipeline to assure Ric his spot. We have been brave and boldly predicted Ric will surf on the tour regardless of the Pipe results. Currently only Alejo Muniz can push Ric back a spot and only if he beats King Slater and wins pipe. Then if that miracle happens Ric will be first man out which is comparable to the position of Glen Hall this year who still surfed in six World Tour events. So stand proud Kiwis, Ric is the MAN!


The Pita Pit Roady hits the Coromandel during the swell of the year and becomes tainted with a familiar taste of ‘The Shuffle.’ Not only do we run up and down the Coro all day like a headless chook we then go next level and chase the swell down to Gisborne through the night, fuelled with a pit stop at Tauranga’s Pita Pit for a healthier choice on the road.


A bumper photo spread themed ‘Pixel-Count’  captures our breaks and our surfers in the finest of form.


2014 has been a killer year to be a Kiwi surf supporter and we feature those that have ‘Flown The Flag’  and the moments that filled us with pride.

The BIG OE is a part of Kiwi culture and we catch up with two of our brothers that took on their Big OE with a point of difference. Featuring Benny Poulter and Travis McCoy.


In the SCARFIE RUN we get the word from scarfie JC Susan on his years as a student/surfer at Otago University.


If you are like 90% of our population and still haven’t sorted your Xmas pressies for family and loved ones, then there is a bumper Xmas gear guide to feed you with ideas.


Also inside this Xmas issue are features on Linden Simmons, Whangamata’s Dylan Preston, plus more ‘Flying Flag’ moments from Ella Williams, Kehu Butler, Elliot Paerata-Reid, Thomas Kibblewhite and Jasmine Smith.  Plus our readers go on a photo shooting frenzy to battle it out for the ‘GoPro Shot Bro’ title.


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