NZ Surf Mag #169

NZ Surf Mag May/June hits the shelves straight out of the warmest Autumn on record and in time with the first chills of winter 2016. There has been an amazing run of surf for both coasts of both islands and we hope this continues over the next few months. The biggest question over the last six months is where is this predicted El Nino? With plenty of light and easterly quarter winds in the mix, long may the run continue!

On the COVER this issue we feature Gisborne surfer Johnny Hicks who lucked in to an epic session by  taking a gamble during a holiday Easter Weekend. He rode several waves this session that would be in the top of the ‘All-Time’ waves ever ridden in this country and this cover was one of them. There is more from this session in the EASTER KEGGS spread, where Johnny is joined by Bobby Hansen, Magoo Braithwaite and Shady Peneaha in waves that’ll make you scream “Why wasn’t I there!”

Featuring in this issue we have:

Travel Destinations and Tips: It’s starting to get cold and winter travel is consuming your thoughts, we take a look at two destinations that are popular among kiwi surfers and offer up some travel tips and gear essentials.

The Pita Pit Roady heads to WATERWORLD and goes off- road and into an armada of pleasure craft to score an amazing day, where the crew surf from sunrise to sunset and get kegged all day long.



The Rip Curl Raglan Pro: Not only is this our most acclaimed contest of the year, being held at the famous and iconic Raglan, this year it attracted an international field as well as wrote history, when the contest was aired live on Sky Sport 1, the very first LIVE surfing event in this country.

EXPOSURE Photospread, we feature several moments frozen in time and get the behind the scenes stories from the men that took them.

Wings To Fly:  Kehu Butler was recently signed to the brand that gives you wings ‘Red Bull’ and we were there to cherish the Groms stoke and smiles on this day that  he will forever remember.

The Ultimate Waterman: We join eight of the worlds best watermen, to focus on their lives as surfers and the surfing disciplines of this years Ultimate Waterman contest which was held in the remote and secretive regions of Southland and Fiordland.

Plus we get the word from Paige Hareb, Josh Taylor, Luke Griffin and the legendary Reggae Ellis.

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