NZ SURF MAG- Summer 16/17 Edition.

Well we’re here again! The most epic time of year to be or become a surfer, the Southern Pacific and Tasman Seas are warming up and weather patterns are become more settled by the day, and already there have been some scorchers! Holidays are upon us and the festive offerings of Christmas and New Years are just around the corner. To make your Xmas shopping and  relaxation time a lot more inspiring the latest instalment of NZ Surf Mag is on the shelves of all the best Gads Stations, newsagents and surf shops.

Inside this issue:

On the COVER looking in while our main man photog/editor looks out of an empty grinder is the most barrelled man in NZ, Maz Quinn. This time he’s featured on the other side of the most sought after view in surfing, the ISO.

We get the word from inside the cordon and rubble of the Kaikoura coastline on the state of the iconic waves and if in fact there have been new waves created after the 7.8 devastating earthquake.


Everyone drools over a classic surf pic, so we’ve brought you a hearty spread of Panoramic Dreams to fire up your adventurous spirit over the summer season.


We continue on with our regular series featuring ‘Kiwi’s Out There Doin It’. Kiwi’s have always been intrepid travellers and kiwi surfers can be found gracing the lineups anywhere you dare paddle out on this planet, we catch up with a few kiwi surfers to find out how they got to  where they were and the sacrifices along the way. This issue we feature Benny Hutchings, Toby Hurren, and Choppy Oleary.


If you are looking for a healthy wholesome feed this summer while on the road, you cant go past the goodness of Pit Pit! Pita Pit have supported the great NZ Surf Mag Roady for the past couple of years and to round out 2016 we hit the waves of the East Cape, where we combed the nooks and crannies of this relatively un-tapped coastline and scored some super fun novelty waves, joined by Kehu Butler, Finn Johnson, Blair STewart and Taylor Hutchieson and a few more lads that showed up in the right place at the right time.

Being summer and being kiwis, the outdoors beckon, we give a little run down on the do’s and don’ts of camping out in NZ, and share a few of our favourite hot-spots that we recommend as Summer Surf Destinations.

We again hear from our regular contributors Paige Hareb who came all so close to a World Tour spot, she shared her ups and downs from 2016. Roger Hall presents his thoughts on surfboard construction materials the good, the bad and the misinformed. Plus we get word from Rising Grom Kaya Horne, and Blair Stewart of Sequence Surf Shop in On The Job.


May your summer be an epic! May the West Coast blow offshore and the East Coast Troppies begin to form!



NZ Surfing is available at all leading bookshops, newsagents and surf shops throughout the country. You can also subscribe at   or for digital subscriptions go to or


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