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Published on September 13th, 2019 | by nowhere man


The Industry Board Meeting!


Working in the surf industry has long been seen as a lifestyle job, the apparent ability to have flexibility, work around like-minded people, and be based near or on the ocean. Yet those days of the ’70s and 80’s wherein the infancy of the industry you’d pull up to a shop on a day where the swell was up and find a sign saying CLOSED GONE SURFING! Those days are long gone. The reality is while some working in the industry have the luxury and flexibility to drop the tools when the conditions turn on, the real face of the modern-day surf industry is inner city, retail centres, warehouses and factories miles from the ocean and the same work ethic and long hours expected just like any other industry, and at the same time those involved are usually making far less than they could being involved in some other industry, committed by way of the love of the sport and the lifestyle, yep there goes that word again, LIFESTYLE!

The perfect arena to hold a mental health symposium. Photo: Cory

So it was refreshing to see, when yesterday’s swell lit up a local sand bar that four, or you could say five of the local industry moguls were all seen out on the same banks sharing waves and yarns, a perfect example of why they all got into this industry in the first place. So while days like this where these guys can throw down the tools, or walk off the job are rarer than they used to be, they still exist.

Four Gizzy surf industry crew going wave for wave, featuring Blair Stewart of Sequence Surf, Mike Lewin of Gisborne Surf Co, Euan Nelson of Blitz Surf Shop, and Tommy Dalton of The Board Room/Lost/ STD Shapes. All guys living and breathing the surf industry, and then we can also throw in the legend Maz Quinn who yes made his living and his lifestyle income by way of his own surfing career. An epic session!

Maz Quinn set himself up a perfect lifestyle by playing the smart game back when he made money from his surfing alone.

Sequence Surf Shop owner Blair Stewart sneaking out for brunch at the bar.

Blitz Surf Shop owner Euan Nelson cashing in on some boss time. 

Shaper Mike Lewin of Gisborne Surf co spent many years in the Gold Coast shaping boards, and a few years ago decided to move back to Gizzy for lifestyle reasons, it seems to be working out.

Tommy Dalton, Lost Shaper often works around the clock knowing that when the swells arrive he can down tools and sample the fine shaped sand. 

Photos: Cory

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