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Published on March 17th, 2013 | by pacificmedia


The People’s Choice

Who Should win the return ticket to Hawaii? Do the people thinnk Matt Hewitt 10 point ride and highest heat score in the the 3rd round deserves the ticket?

Does the people think Maz Quinn’s 10 point ride deserves The Peoples Choice?

Or do the People think Timmy O’s crazy turn that helped him beat form WCT surfer Taylor Knox deserves the return ticket to Hawaii?

we don’t know cause we don’t deceived, you do!! so you better start voting!!

202 Responses to The People’s Choice

  1. sam says:

    Maz for the win

  2. Marc says:

    Maz’s 10 point barrel was so amazing i vote Maz gets the ticket

  3. Kerry-lee says:

    Matt hewitt highest heat score should win! i vote matt

  4. james says:

    That Elliot Paerata-Reid’s dollar wetsuit should win the ticket that thing had all the moves!

  5. Seal says:

    Timmy O’Connor taking out Taylor Knox puts him in for the tickets.

  6. Corey says:

    Timmy OC

  7. Warwick says:

    Timmy O ( S.A.C )

  8. Hodds says:

    Timmy O without question!!
    http://www.easypolls.net would have saved any confusion :)

  9. nick says:

    Timmy o ripping mate

  10. julie says:

    Tim O’s turn for sure…

  11. rebecca says:

    one more vote for TIMMYYYY (o)

  12. L says:

    timmy o for sure

  13. Donna says:

    Tim O for sure. Can’t beat that turn mate!

  14. Naria says:

    the cuz Timmy O

  15. Liana says:

    Timmy taking down Taylor!yeeeew

  16. Merani says:


  17. Merani says:

    for sure

  18. summer says:

    go Timmy O!

  19. Cam says:

    Timmy all the way.

  20. Lockie says:

    Timmy O because hes my brother and cause his crazy turn

  21. Paige says:

    TIMMY!!! :)

  22. Wheeler says:

    Timy o its urs cuz!! Chur boy

  23. Natalie says:


  24. jimmy says:


  25. Debbie says:

    I vote Matt Hewitt :)

  26. Jarrid says:

    Matty Hewitt!!!

  27. jacob says:

    Matt Hewitt definitely

  28. Jay says:

    Matt Hewitt for sure

  29. Patxi says:

    Patxi for sure he was surfing so good

  30. Karlee Verster says:

    Matty was great!! I think he should Win

  31. Meady says:

    Timmy busting out progressive surfing to beat T Knox!

  32. Donz says:


  33. Allie says:


  34. Viarni says:

    Matt all the way! His 9.4 or his perfect 10 should be a winner! :)

  35. kayden says:

    Matt hewitt

  36. daniel says:

    Matty Hewitt

  37. Hewy says:

    Matt Hewitt

  38. Viarni bright says:

    Matt Hewitt

  39. Deb says:

    Matt Hewitt for sure!!

  40. Darren Allen says:

    Matt-Lewis Hewitt

  41. Darren Allen says:

    Go Matt-Lewis Hewitt

  42. Darren Allen says:

    Awesome Matt-Lewis Hewitt

  43. Darren Allen says:

    Matt Hewitt

  44. Darren Allen says:

    Fantastic Matt-Lewis Hewitt

  45. Darren Allen says:

    Fabulous Matt-Lewis Hewitt

  46. Darren Allen says:

    Incredible Matt-Lewis Hewitt

  47. Darren Allen says:

    Audacious Matt-Lewis hewitt

  48. Darren Allen says:

    Outstanding Matt-Lewis Hewitt

  49. Darren Allen says:

    Sensational Matt-Lewis Hewitt

  50. Darren Allen says:

    That’s Matt Lewis Hewitt

  51. Jason Zavagno says:

    Matt Hewitt all the way, would be nice to see him in a grass skirt

  52. Rhyso says:

    Pretty hard to go past the highest heat score of the comp and a 10…Matty Hewitt.

  53. Darren Allen says:

    It’s Matt Lewis Hewitt

  54. Darren Allen says:

    Certainly Matt Hewitt

  55. Darren Allen says:

    The Matt Lewis Hewitt

  56. michelle says:

    matt hewitt for the 19.4 heat score highest heat score of the comp

  57. Darren Allen says:

    A Matt Lewis Hewitt

  58. Darren Allen says:

    Must Matt Lewis Hewitt

  59. Darren Allen says:

    Of Matt Lewis Hewitt

  60. Darren Allen says:

    -Matt Lewis Hewitt

  61. Jeanette says:

    Matt Hewitt without a doubt

  62. Darren Allen says:

    /Matt Lewis Hewitt

  63. Darren Allen says:

    :Matt Lewis Hewitt

  64. Darren Allen says:

    ;Matt Lewis Hewitt

  65. Jack says:

    Matt Hewitt….. Win the trip :)

  66. Darren Allen says:

    (Matt Lewis Hewitt

  67. Darren Allen says:

    )Matt Lewis Hewitt

  68. Jeanette says:

    Matt Hewitt

  69. Darren Allen says:

    $ Matt Lewis Hewitt

  70. Jack says:

    Matt Hewitt

  71. Darren Allen says:

    & Matt Lewis Hewitt

  72. Darren Allen says:

    @ Matt Lewis Hewitt

  73. Darren Allen says:

    . Matt Lewis Hewitt

  74. Darren Allen says:

    , Matt Lewis Hewitt

  75. Darren Allen says:

    ? Matt Lewis Hewitt

  76. Darren Allen says:

    ! Matt Lewis Hewitt.

  77. Darren Allen says:

    ‘ Matt Lewis Hewitt

  78. Darren Allen says:

    ” Matt Lewis Hewitt

  79. jan says:

    Matt’s 10 rates!

  80. max says:

    TimmyO…. dawg got talent, say hello Hawaii

  81. Brett Landry says:

    Matt Hewitt for the win. Killed it.

  82. Amy says:

    Matt Hewitt :)

  83. jama says:

    mean comp but some of the judging was suss!!!! just saying……someone needs too

  84. sanga says:

    Timmy only if he bring me back alana blanchard thong

  85. stewart says:

    matt hewitt

  86. wendy morris says:

    matt hewitt..way to go ..

  87. Austin ortiz says:

    Matt Hewitt

  88. Lori says:

    Matt Hewitt!!!

  89. Jean-Pierre says:

    Matt Hewitt for the win!
    He works hard and deserves this ticket.
    Go big Matty!

  90. Arlene Barbeau says:

    Matt Lewis Hewitt
    Good Luck, you deserve it

  91. Frieda Wallace says:

    Matt Hewitt

  92. Cecile says:

    Matt lewis hewitt

  93. Emma says:

    Matt Hewitt should win

  94. Chris says:

    Matt Hewitt!!!

  95. Caroline says:

    Matt Hewitt… the man :D

  96. bryce menzies says:

    matty boi

  97. Ben McCord says:

    Matty for the win !

  98. Demi says:

    Matt Hewitt.

  99. Angalie Watson says:


  100. Alex Elder says:

    Matty Hewitt should definitely take it out!!

  101. Rachel Hadfield says:

    Matty Hewitt

  102. Kelly says:

    Matt Hewitt. Yeow

  103. Rhys J says:

    HIghest heat score, gonna have to go Matty H

  104. Jonaye griffin says:

    Matt Hewitt!

  105. Stephen Ballbag says:

    Matt Hewitt

    Train by day, Joe Rogan podcast by night, all day

  106. Kelley-Ann says:

    Matt Hewitt ALL THE WAY!!!!

  107. Bev says:

    Matt Hewitt !

  108. Brenda says:

    Matt Lewis Hewitt !

  109. Jack James says:

    Timmy. Best turn by a mile.

  110. Blair Harvard says:

    I say Tim O’Connor. Proper video evidence and amazing turn

  111. Esti says:

    Matt Hewitt!

  112. Baron Stander says:

    Matt Hewitt deserves to Win. A near perfect heat score! The ticket must go to Matt!

  113. Bridget says:

    Matt Hewitt for the win

  114. Anna says:

    Matt Hewitt

  115. Michelle says:

    Matt Hewitt

  116. Duza says:

    Jereme Aubertin gets my vote

  117. Sophie says:

    Matt Hewitt!!!

  118. Iida says:

    Tane’s massive air reverse!!

  119. andy says:

    matt all the way

  120. Zen says:

    Redemption Helicopter Tane

  121. Bernie says:

    Matt Hewitt!

  122. kim says:

    Matt Hewitt:-)

  123. Carol says:

    Matt Lewis Hewitt

  124. Shelley says:

    Matt Hewitt

  125. Tom says:

    Matt Hewitt fo sure

  126. ES says:

    Vote for Matt Hewitt.

  127. ES says:

    Vote 1 Matty Hewitt.

  128. Gary says:

    Matt Hewitt

  129. Jo Moxie says:

    Matt Hewitt FTW! ♥♥

  130. Nikki says:

    Matt Hewitt. =]

  131. Rosemary Willis says:

    Tane Wallis !!

  132. mitch says:

    matty for sure!

  133. Tiari says:

    Great heat to watch 19.4 heat score, not many of those going round. Matt Hewitt.

  134. Lisa says:

    Best score ever! You are one truly great role model for the younger ones! We all proud, especially she’s and mason!!

    ***************MATT ******HEWITT**********************

  135. Nic Diaz says:

    Matt Hewitt for the win. Stockton 209. All day.

  136. Joe Rogan says:

    Powerful Matt Hewitt for the win.

  137. Phil says:

    vote for Tane airlines

  138. David Layzell says:

    I am voting for Tane because he is an awesome surfer.

  139. João (jelly tip) says:

    GOOOO Kiwi Airs!!! Tane Wallis

  140. Emma says:

    Tane’s massive air reverse!!

  141. Kimberly Wootan says:

    Tane to winnn!!!!!

  142. Caroline says:

    My vote is for Tane Wallis!!!

  143. Petra says:

    Tane Wallis definitely deserve this.

  144. Georgina says:

    Tane to win!

  145. Linda s says:


  146. Rose says:

    Matt Hewitt

  147. Cozz says:

    Meady’s karaoke with Taylor Knox should take the title

  148. Russell says:

    Matt Hewitt for people’s choice unbelievable 19.4 total heat score!

  149. James C says:

    Matt Hewi

  150. James C says:

    Matt Hewitt

  151. Elli says:

    wohoooooo Tane! That looks like fun!

  152. tane great wave perfect

  153. Michael Weyel says:

    Tane COOL!

  154. Tom Majeski says:

    Tane Sick Air!!!!

  155. chris says:

    tane’s air

  156. roz says:

    MATT HEWITT all the way

  157. jason lone says:

    Tanes sick air!!!!!!!

  158. George Wilkins says:

    Matt Hewitt. Unbelievable bro.

  159. Sage says:

    Matt Hewitt

  160. Pete says:

    Matty Hewit baby !!!!

  161. Pj says:

    Matt Hewitt is a machine . Send the bugger to Hawwaaii

  162. Craig Zerf says:

    Matt Hewitt…dude is awesome!

  163. Matt Hewitt … good luck.

  164. michael says:

    Got to go to the highest heat score!
    Matt Hewitt all the way.

  165. George says:

    Best heat score.. Matt Hewitt

  166. Mr Biltong says:

    Surely highest heat score..?? Matt Hewitt got my vote.

  167. Walt says:

    Matt Hewitt

  168. lynley says:

    Matt Hewitt definitely!

  169. Petra-Lee says:

    Matt Hewitt

  170. Elizabeth says:

    Tane Wallis

  171. Lisa White says:

    Tane. He’s awesome

  172. Darren Sykes says:

    Matt Hewitt for the win.

  173. anna hadfield says:

    matt hewitt definitly deserves the win

  174. Hannah Bright says:

    Matt Hewitt for sure :)

  175. Eric, Lisa & Karen says:

    Matt Hewitt

  176. johno b says:

    Matt hewy hardz bro

  177. Phil says:

    Go Taine Wallis!!!

  178. Sergio says:

    Tane!!!! Piha boy

  179. Jamee says:

    Matt Hewitt

  180. Erin Kenyon says:

    Matt should win :D

  181. Helen says:

    Matt Hewitt to win

  182. Sjaan says:

    Matt Hewitt

  183. todd doyle says:

    matt hewitt. gose hard and keeps it raw

  184. kiwi says:

    Timmy O’c

  185. Grant says:


  186. Sophie says:

    Matt Hewitt easily,

  187. Gary Lightfoot says:

    Matt for the win ehewwww!

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