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Published on May 21st, 2016 | by nowhere man


Top kiwi surfers prepare for Japan QS6000 event

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Billy Stairmand, Ricardo Christie and Elliot Paerata – Reid will be in action

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 19 May, 2016 - Perfect images from the tropics that flood social media at this time of the year keep everyone clutching to hope as we plunge in to the frozen months of winter.  Shots of Indo lighting up everywhere, Fiji captured in all of it’s glory from the same storm system that delivered to Indo.  And of course Tahiti starts to get fed from the same system days later.

However, you can ride the same swells here in New Zealand as they hammer the West Coast and then flick around to the South Coast in the Otago Region and further north.  It is a good time to go exploring and surfing…maybe just not on the North East Coast of New Zealand!

Come Monday, our top surfers will be in Japan for the third QS6000 event of the year.  Where Billy Stairmand, Ricardo Christie and Elliot Paerata – Reid will be in action.  Only yesterday Ricardo took over our Snapchat account to give everyone a taste of daily life on the Gold Coast as he prepared for the event..

Back in New Zealand, the guys in the South Island prepare for the Kaikoura Classic being held on Queens Birthday Weekend.  One of the most unique events in the country with snow capped mountains in the background and pumping waves out front.

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