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Published on November 6th, 2019 | by nowhere man


J-dub Surfboards







“I have been working with Jdub since early last year and am absolutely loving the boards. I’m currently riding a 5’9” Mutant with a square tail and before that I had a 5’7” rounded tail Mutant. They’re my favourite of his boards as they go so well in all conditions from 1ft onshore Mount slop to 5-7ft firing Nias. My 5’9” is my current go-to and has brought me great results in contests this year, I absolutely love it. It carves like a dream but then also releases really nicely for tail slides and fin busts. I also have a 5’11” pin tail “tripper” model which I use as my step-up and rode most of the time on my Mentawai’s trip last year. I’ve never had a board stick so many late gnarly drops. Goes epic on reef breaks as well as the bigger hollow days at Piha. I Love working with Johnny, he’s such a talented shaper with plenty of experience making quality boards and I can feel that in the boards he makes for me, straight from the first wave, I can feel how good they are. They’re such good build quality yet still super light and high performance. He loves tweaking boards to suit my needs which is awesome as I always get a board I absolutely love and he’s so easy to work with on shapes/designs that will best suit me for whatever conditions I am riding them in. It’s awesome working with a local shaper because it’s so much easier to talk with him and get boards that really work.” - Shane Krauss 2018 ISA World Champs-NZ Junior Team Member.



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