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Published on November 8th, 2019 | by nowhere man


Surtech: Gerry Lopez- Stewart

“A very clever design that paddles longer and surfs shorter than it is. Significant volume under the chest for paddling and wave catching is mitigated by soft, wide bevels between the deep single concave and the tapered rails in the front half of the board. These design elements keep the ride super smooth and high performance despite the generous width and thickness. Meanwhile, a subtle step deck rail in the back half creates amazing drive, hold and sensitivity through turns. This is a rewarding design to surf that can be ripped and snapped like a shortboard, with the wave catching of a longboard. As a predominantly shortboard surfer, I’ve found this board rewarding to ride on days that demanded a longboard approach (long paddle, current, crowds), but it will also appeal to the long-boarder looking for a tighter turning sled on better days. For the intermediate surfer for whom a mid-length design is their one board quiver, this is your Audi/BMW equivalent.”- Andrew Mitchell


“Learning how to ride inside the tube at places like the Pipeline, the Ala Moana Bowl and later on at Uluwatu and G-Land taught me the importance of a good hard edge. Rails with no edges don’t hold in very well in a steep wall and especially in the tube. A good edge is also key to acceleration and generating speed whether a wave is hollow or mushy. Obviously a soft edge is more forgiving but I’ve always felt going fast was a better friend than hoping to save a bobbled turn. Not everyone thinks like me and if my rails have too much edge than you’re used to… there is always sandpaper. A block and some 400 wet or dry sandpaper can knock down that edge. My recommendation is to give those hard edges a good chance before you resort to sanding them and you might make a new friend… SPEED. Going fast is way better than going slow. Keep paddling!” – Gerry Lopez, Owner/Shaper


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